the future of big data viz

Beautiful articulation of the move to big data biz and object-based computing by Roambi's Quinton Alsbury:

“Data is probably the most intimidating type of content for most end-users outside of analysts to engage with,” says Quinton Alsbury, Co-Founder and President of Product Innovation at Roambi, the winner of the Design for Experience award in Bringing Order to Big Data. “Providing users with a simple and engaging experience that presents the information in an aesthetically pleasant way—and that helps guide them through how they should interpret it via a highly interactive UI—can dramatically improve their confidence. Very often, you find that once this ‘a-ha!’ moment happens for users, they begin clamoring for more and more information.”

“We think of data as content, no different than classic unstructured formats like video, images, copy, etc. Throughout history, different types of content and the mediums used to capture and present it have dominated the culture both in business and in general. We believe that data is quickly becoming the primary content of the 21st century, so there is a huge opportunity to create the tools and the medium to help people interact with it.”  

"I believe there will be a whole new creative class that forms around taking the massive amounts of data that are being generated, and helping transform it into something that is as easy to engage with as video."