the next dimension of big data


We are building out-of-the-box visualization systems (SaaS) that allow us to explore complex personal and enterprise data in an intuitive and actionable way.



DEVELOPERS: Want to see your complex big data in 3D?
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Our first product


is a visualization platform that can combine up to ten different data-sets into a fluid multi-dimensional band of light











After a brief period of familiarization, you will be able to understand and compare vast data sets at the glance of an eye.


ORA is currently developing HALOs that represent patient health status, gaming performance, and (soon) stock fluctuations.  But the list of potential use cases are virtually endless - anywhere users need to monitor and interpret massive quantities of complex data in realtime.


Read an interview with CEO Stephen Marshall about ORA's launch into the medical sector, here. 



Heart Halo


Working with physicians and scientists at Mayo Clinic, ORA has developed the first responsive wearables-driven health identity, called the Heart HALO. 

Download the Apple Watch app: here.  Watch the video below:


League of Legends

We transformed how players evaluate and select 'champions' in the online game, League of Legends. Instead of scouring pages of bar graphs, gamers now get a holistic view of champion performance, both quickening and improving their decisions. 




Stephen Marshall


An award-winning director and author, Stephen has worked and traveled through over 60 countries. His two companies, Channel Zero & GNN, were at the forefront of digital and user-generated content. In 2011, he had a vision for a new kind identity platform, one that evolves the 2-D personal profile into multi-dimensional, predictive data visualization powered by the user’s social, emotional, and mobile inputs. This became the foundation for ORA.


Peter Crnokrak, Ph.D.


Emerging from a doctorate in quantitative genetics, Peter’s work takes complex systems and renders them into symbolic and intuitive graphical representations. He has been recognized by National Science Foundation, AIGA 365, ISTD and The European Design Awards. In 2010, Peter was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts. As architecture lead, Peter has designed the initial four component ORA system which is now being productized for PaaS.


Blunt Jackson

CTO/Engineering Lead

Blunt is passionate about building the right product, in the right way, with the right tools, using the right materials. He has designed global-scale system architectures for massively concurrent systems such as Amazon and Zynga and also driven software design and delivery for early stage startups where ultra-rapid delivery and course correction are essential. Blunt specializes in api, sdk, and interface design and development for distributed systems architectures.




Bradley Munkowitz (GMUNK) is one of the leading motion graphics designers of his generation. His ground-breaking UI work in TRON: Legacy and Oblivion evolved through his residencies at several influential design studios, beginning with Imaginary Forces, and including BUCK, Engine Design, and Prologue Films. Most recently, his design-directed film Box (with Bot & Dolly) won several of the top design awards.


Marcin Ignac


Marcin Ignac is a leader in the still relatively uncommercialized field of generative programming. He writes code that allows data to fuel object-based computations. A lecturer, commercial designer, and exhibiting artist in the field of code art, Marcin’s work with Nike and his stunning data art installations made him a perfect candidate to code design ORA’s first stand-alone product, the algorithmically generated HALO.




Louis Selincourt


Louis is a former COO of the office of the CTO at Zynga.  With over 30 years in the tech sector, leading teams at companies like Oracle and NetApp, Louis innately understands the importance of execution in technology platforms. At ORA, he acts as a key member of the Executive, with an emphasis on recruiting technical, analytics, and developer teams (platform and services) and ensuring that ORA successfully scales out of launch.


Elaine B. Coleman, Ph. D.

ADVISORY / market research 

Elaine is a cognitive scientist and strategic technology research executive with over 15 years experience working in think tanks, public companies and startups across technology, digital media, entertainment, and education industries. She will advise ORA on customer engagement strategy, specifically socializing the SDK, and evangelizing the tech platform.


Kostadis Roussos


Formerly a Distinguished Engineer at Juniper Networks and Chief Engineer at Zynga, Kostadis is focused on cloud infrastructure and cloud systems will transform security infrastructure and networking. He is currently Principal Engineer at VMware. As ORA’s lead Engineering advisor, Kostadis is guiding our product building process and aiding in the recruitment of our code-writing team.



Ken Melkus

ADVISORY / Healthcare sector 

Ken is a senior-level medical sector investor and advisor.  He serves as the Senior Industry Executive and Consultant at Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe and was the founder and chairman of the Nashville Healthcare Council. Ken is a critical champion for ORA's vision of a new form of visualization for complex medical big data. 


As data becomes more complex we will need new tools to make sense of it.