Heart Halo is now in the App Store!

Our team has spent the last year developing a wearable application called the Heart Halo with scientists and physicians at the Mayo Clinic (you can read about it here).  After months of beta testing with users, the app is now available for Apple Watch (but lives on your iPhone) on the iTunes app store.  

This initial release is a pre-productized version, meaning there is still a major UI/UX design push to happen.  But the engagement with beta testers was so strong we decided to push out this version to gather a broader set of responses before finalizing and pricing this for consumer use.

This review from one of our testers sums up the opportunity we saw to bring a killer app to the wearables market, which has not yet created a way for users to understand and use their heart rate monitors:

β€œTo be honest the halo app is the only way to make sense of my Apple Watch data. Otherwise walking around counts as calories and active minutes while the halo app motivates me to push myself to work out and elevate my heart rate.”

 If you have an Apple Watch and want to give the free version a try, download it from here.